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    I am new to Linux. I am trying to set up a file server where we can store pictures, music, videos, etc. I want to be able to have my daughter in Arizona to have access. From what I've gathered, I need to have a partion formatted in NTFS. I have a 160GB hard drive I have divided into 5 partitions. 1 partion is for windows xp pro, 1 partion formated as a NTFS drive.
    I am using Ubuntu 7.1 file server. I have a / partion /swap partion and a /home partition.
    I followed to how-to's on setting up a Samba file server and I cannot get it to work. The server shows up in windows but I cannot access it.

    Any help would be appreciated.:confused:
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    I needed to setup a file server some time ago and used the "Set Up A Fileserver For Small/Medium Enterprises With SME Server 7.1" setup.
    It was really easy, and it's working great. (It's a all in one CD install, and will/should take you about 10 minutes to setup.)

    It's even got a VPN option so that users can access files through a VPN (more secure).

    The howto link is:

    Maybe it's of some use to you.
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    Will SME work on an AMD64 processor? Couldn't really find an answer and the iso's were for i386.
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    Installed it with no problems. Have some files I am playing with to learn with. Next thing is to figure out how my daughter can vpn in.

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    (1) In Vista, make sure that she has an internet connection, and go to start > Connect to, and select "Set up a connection or network".
    (2) Now select "Connect to a workplace" and click next.
    (3) Select "Use my Internet connection (VPN)"
    (4) In the Internet address enter your WAN IP (the IP shown when going to
    (5) Give it a nice name in "Destination name"
    (6) In user name, give it the name that you created in SME
    (7) In password, you need to enter the password of the SME user.
    (8) Click Connect.

    With a bit of luck the VPN will be created.

    Now for the tricky part.
    a VPN is as the connecting client (in your case your daughter) will be part of the LAN.
    She will need to connect to the LAN IP of the SME server.
    What I normally do is click on start (in Vista) and enter in the "Start Search" box \\ (this is the IP of my SME server)
    Once connected, I create a network drive (it's under a right click option of the network drive)

    I've never used a VPN, but I got it all going within a couple of minutes.

    Small note. Make sure that in SME you enable "VPN Client Access" (it's under users > the user you created), and that you set PPTP Settings (it's under Remote access) to at least 1.

    Good luck and have fun
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