How to set serial console in single user mode?

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    I'm running Hardy and i want to configure my system for use of IPMI 2.0 Serial over Lan.

    I want configure Text Console Redirection in singel user mode, so that in case of serious problems i can remotely logging with IPMI view.

    This is what the manual amongst other things says:

     c) LINUX OS: 
       (i) Add the following line into /etc/inittab. 
           s0:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty ttyS1 19200 
      (ii) Edit /etc/securetty and add ttyS1

    Searching through the forums i understand that ubuntu doesnt use inittab anymore but upstart. And that i have to to look in /etc/event.d

    So i guess that i have to modify rc0.

    # rc1 - runlevel 1 compatibility
    # This task runs the old sysv-rc runlevel 1 ("single-user") scripts.
    start on runlevel 1
    stop on runlevel [!1]
    console output
            set $(runlevel --set 1 || true)
            if [ "$1" != "unknown" ]; then
                export PREVLEVEL RUNLEVEL
            exec /etc/init.d/rc 1
    end script

    But what should i change?

    I'd already post this on Ubuntu forum, but have not had any response :(
    Ubuntu Forum
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    after doing some more research i found this article:

    HowtoForge: Setting up a serial console

    In the comment section someone else added this:

    Go to article to read further.

    With this knowledge a find out that in single user mode
    This script is being run
    Which displays a menu

    After selecting menu item "root"

    This script is being run:
    So i thougt this would do the trick

    change this line
    to this line

    /sbin/sulogin /dev/ttyS1
    And add ttyS1 to the file /etc/securetty

    But unfortunately not.

    First the menu after running grub is still being displayed on the console attached to the server.
    Second there is some prompt showing on my IPMIview virtual terminal, but i cannot loggin?

    Help please?

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