How to set more default webservers for client in multiserver setup

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by SupuS, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. SupuS

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    I use multiserver setup. I have virtual server for wordpress, joomla, drupal, gallery .. etc. How I can allow client to choose for example from wordpress and joomla servers? There is possible to set one default server but I need to choose more than one web server. I would like have this config:

    client 1 : allow creating web on wordpress and joomla server
    client 2 : allow creating web on drupal and gallery server
    client 3 : allow creating web on all of available servers

    is it possible somehow?
  2. till

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    Currently there is only one default server possible. The only alternative is that you create the site as admin for the client.
  3. SupuS

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    Thank you for replay. I tried this way but if I create site as admin than client is not able to change parameters of website.
  4. SupuS

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    I found next problem. In following multiserver setup:

    server 1 services: web, ftp, mysql
    server 2 services: web, ftp, mysql

    client 1: default web server 1, default mysql server 1

    I want client 1 to have website on both servers. As client I cannot create website on server 2 because of default web server is server 1. So I create web as admin. Now client has website on server 2 although he cannot change setting of this website.

    Now I want to create database for website on server 2 as I have permission for this as the client. But when I create database even for website on server 2 database is created on server 1 because it is default mysql server.

    There should be more granularity for multiserver settings .. at least:

    1) more default web servers for client and reseller
    2) ability to assign mysql server to the web server

    I can create all as admin but when client has rights to create mysql database on bad server it is problem which certainly occurs.

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