how to save rsyslog log data to file and db

Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by bbortig, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. bbortig

    bbortig New Member

    hi to all,

    anyone to install and configure rsyslog to log to file ( so it can be hashed with MD5 after the log rotate and sent via ftp to some place with its checksum) and then also log it to mysql so that it can be easily accessed for consultation.

  2. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    *.* >dbhost,dbname,dbuser,dbpassword;dbtemplate
    This rule writes all message to the database "dbname" hosted on "dbhost". The login is done with user "dbuser" and password "dbpassword". The actual table that is updated is specified within the template (which contains the insert statement). The template is called "dbtemplate" in this case.
  3. bbortig

    bbortig New Member

    thanks for your reply!!
    What i am looking for though is a way to write them to db and to file so that files the can be then archived with their MD5 checksum to somehow verify their integrity.


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