How To Run Your Own Name Server With ISPConfig And (Schlund)

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by llamy, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. llamy

    llamy New Member

    Hi ,
    I have a question with this Howto by Falko :

    In this Howto, both Domains : and use the same public IP: which is also the ISPConfig server IP address by the way.

    Is that possible without getting a Shared IP error message ?

    Thanks for you answers.

  2. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

    Not sure what your problem is, but both domains are working fine for me!
    On I see the standard ISPconfig index.html file (you will need to change it)
    On I see a WordPress page.
  3. llamy

    llamy New Member

    Thanks Edge,

    I get it now,

    So is your ISPconfig domain name and not any casual domain name. I believe this is the maximum Domains that you can get for the public IP, am i wrong ?

    My question is : Is it possible to create a virtual interface eth0:0 (assuming your network interface is eth0) with a different public IP address that is real and exists, on that same machine where the ISPConfig server is hosted (IP for another domain : ?

  4. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

    You can add as many sites /domains as you like to one IP.
    Apache will take care of what URL should go to what domain (directory)

    Yes you can as long as the IP's are yours!
    You will need to use it like eth0:0, eth0:1 eth0:2 ....

    But it's not really needed exept when you are going to start using SSL certificates (like https )
  5. llamy

    llamy New Member

    Thanks Edge,

    Sorry to reply so late.

    I will be trying what you said an i wll let you know. Thanks.

  6. llamy

    llamy New Member

    Thanks Edge

    Hi Edge,

    Just yesturday, i have done exactly what you said with the publics IP i have now, and all is working fine. This also save me some money. So i would like to thank the Ispconfig team for the great software they provide us with for free, and thank you very much Edge, you have been so helpful to me.


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