how to run two postfix servers?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by dipeshmehta, Jul 27, 2009.

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    Hello all,

    I run two Ubuntu 8.04 Servers at different locations/networks with same domain name. Both networks are connected each other by means of static vpn link. I have setup postfix on one of the server located at our head office. Therefore, users at another end, connects to postfix server at head office for internal mails, resulting vpn bandwidth utilisation. In other words, if user1 at branch office mails to user2 at branch office, vpn bandwidth is used because both uses server at headoffice.

    How do I setup postfix at branch server, so that users at branch office have their own mailserver, and at the same time, if they mail to users at head office then it should be also treated as internal mail, i.e. at either side, if sender / recipient is local, mails transported as local and if sender / recipient are at different side then both postfix should talk each other.

    Thanks in advance, for any type of suggestions / guidance.

  2. dipeshmehta

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    ** bump **

    Falko, can you please tell me whether it is possible?

  3. falko

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    I think it'S possible, but I haven't tried this yet...
  4. dipeshmehta

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    Thanks, if you think it as possible... then it must be possible. Anyhow I would try doing it.


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