How to retrieve the user infor from ispconfig for suirrelmail

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    In this mini-how to I am going to explain how I did it to retrive the name and email from ispconfg data base to squirrelmail default profile. I did this after some help of Till in this thread

    This how to would only work if you use the domain name in your mail usernames (ej. domain.com_user)

    I use the retrive data plugin for squirrelmail and modified so that it is comptatible with iscpconfig. My modified version is here.

    First of all I created a squirrelmail database user. This user only has select powers in mysql.

    The I installed the squirrelmail plugin as any other squirrelmail plugin. Once it was installed I needed to edit some files:

    config.php -> edit the mysql for your need. I use the field username instead of email because the email field in ispconfig data base does not have the domain name. Because I am using domian.com_user domain names I prefer this info.

    mysql.php -> I created a fix_mail() function that would take the usernmane (domian.com_user) and transformed to the email.

    So far it works for me, but I just tested at leatle bit. It is not yet in production as I would like to tested it a bit more.


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