How to restore site backup to new site?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Chronos, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Chronos

    Chronos New Member

    Hey guys, first time posting here.
    I had to start from scratch with ISPConfig (still don't know what the go was) and re-install it, which worked(YAY!).
    But I'm unsure how to restore a back up of a site that I downloaded to a different "Linux User".
    The original backup was created with a user "web7" and the one i wish to restore to has the user "web2".

    Will this work, assuming that I change the ownership of the files after extraction?
    Can ISPConfig's restore feature be used for this? If so where do I place the backup files so ISPConfig will see them?
    Running: ISPConfig 3, NGINX, Debian 9, on Google Console.
    Thanks for any help :)
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    A backup is basically a tar.gz or zip file of the web folder, so restoring it to another web should be now problem, just unpack it and copy the files to the new web plus chown them to the new web user and client group.

    I guess you will have to do that manually, the restore feature is not able to do that.
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  3. Taleman

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    Remember to restore the database, too, if the website had a database.
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  4. Chronos

    Chronos New Member

    Thanks guys :)
    I was able to get the backups restored without much of a problem.
    Extra info for anyone that comes across this...
    The backup of my site files created by ISPConfig seems to start in the directory above my old "web" folder, which contained a bunch of other folders for my old setup, that was also included in the backup, these had the potential to mess with my new setup (I think). So I just extracted the whole thing into a new folder and moved the contents of the old "web" folder into the new one, changed the filer owner/group and deleted anything that wasn't in the original "web" folder.
    Then I created a database and user in ISPConfig, restored the database backup and, voila!

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