How to redirect multiple domains to the same site?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by zenny, Oct 10, 2011.

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    Yes, before I post I consulted the documents here as well as the ISPCOnfig3 manual, but I could not find exactly how can I redirect 4 different domains to a single site.

    My network is like this:

    Domain Registrar points to --> two nameservers in remote location with public IPs with ISPConfig3 --> which in turn points to the IP of my local server (with two A records for just webhosting)

    I did like:

    1) Created two DNS A records (www and domain.tld.) in the remote IP pointing to the public IP of my local server for all domains.

    2) Created the site for the parent site.

    3) Redirected (R,L) by creating alias sites for the rest 3 TLDs.

    Once the alias with redirection created, all sites except parent domain is accessible with a error message:

    4) All cookies and cache have been cleared several times, but there is no sign that the child domains points to parent domain.

    Any inputs appreciated! Thanks!
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    Skip step 3. All aliasdomains get redirected to the site automatically, so there is no need to add a redirect.
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    Thanks Till, but this does not seem to work in my local server, so I created another site to my upstream remote server by following:


    But after creating, I strangely get my A records pointed to the one of the nameservers of my home router instead as of belows where: = the domain I want to point to another site = an IP which is neither I created in ISPConfig3 nor exists any entry in the database (dns_rr table) the FQDN of the nameservers wher ISPConfig3 is hosted = one of the IPs of the working nameservers. Actually A record should point to this IP instead.

    I am simply stuck where I went wrong?

    2) I also tried to figure out (as you explained here: what exactly should be the Apache directives for pointing multiple domains to a site, but without any clue :-(

    Thank you!
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