How to properly install and integrate Munin and ISPConfig on Nginx

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by meda, Sep 26, 2013.

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    It's part of the Official Manual for ISPConfig 3 which you could buy for €5.00 directly from this website with either Credit Card or PayPal. It's an well and worth "Investment" for to work with ISPConfig.
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    Thanks :) I will become subscriber and will be glad to help the project
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    i have the Version from February 2013 (Version 1.4) of the documentation. But there is no information about munin integration.

    WHich Version is published at the moment?
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    I also bought the guide specifically for munin and monit and there is no mention what so ever in the guide. I did not need another copy of the same version I had already.
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    I have to apologise for my comment from September, I had simply not know that those integration isn't covered in that manual. After I'd read the manual several times, I also found that for many parts it's just copy the procedures for several procedures for different scenarios just using the different names.

    If such is done, it would be much more appropriate to have that manual split for the different Distros and scenarios in several parts for just that. As it's done, it's not so easy to read. I do understand that those Manual and also the other tutorials are written by Germans and not native English speakers and that could be end up in problems for reading and understanding.

    Fact is, that "mix-up" of same procedure for different distros and/or architectures in the same manual makes it difficult to read and understand. I would have done several manuals, each for it's own Distro and/or architecture. For the writer it would had been not much more work, if any because many is just a simple copy and past in the existing manual, and had the benefit for the user, who pay for it, to get exactly what he's looking for.

    Also ALL Add On's, which are integrated in ISPConfig like MUNIN and MONIT should had been covered as well. Instructions to go to the developer site of that Add On's, could be very misleading because they're hardly covering the integration in ISPConfig and do not have the required infos for those scenarios.

    Sorry to the ISPConfig Team for my comments above, I'm just a user of the system, a newbie for Linux and ISPConfig to be precise, and having quite a bit of problems to get around with it without to find solution in that manual. I know that writing such manual is quite a hard work, I'd written such on my own and also publish and sell some books over the Internet, not computer guide's, just Non-Fiction. That the Manual for ISPConfig is already 8 month old since first published, I would not complain about because it covers the last main version of ISPConfig and to write an new manual for any changes is simply impossible. And for sure, the ISPConfig developers have nothing to do with the cycle of (new) releases of the OS etc. ISPConfig is running on.

    Thanks for reading.

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