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Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by shamun, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. shamun

    shamun New Member

    How to install, setup, run, a linux/unix pc (debian or red hat distros or xyz) a gamebox like OS?

    1. Where inserting a cd/dvd rom of Playstation 1,2,3/Xbox/Nintendo inside pc
    a. i can get display exactly what i would get in real gamebox
    b. a virtual joystrick etc

    How does those working actully? Or those os is completely different then linux/unix?
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  2. KZeeSoft

    KZeeSoft New Member

    If you really want to get into that business, then look up "emulators". These are environments that run on a machine to enable you to play games as you would on the console. I know there was plenty for PS when I messed around with them, but I am not sure about XBOX360 games. You should look around that arena though, you might get an answer there.

    Why what's wrong with buying the consoles? They are relatively cheap to buy - and you can get them all used now since they have been out forever.

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