How to open terminal port on demand?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by rekurs, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. rekurs

    rekurs New Member

    I have to open terminal connection to windows server over the linux router and it should be safe solution. I can't use vpn (some ISP don't allow VPN connections) and I don't know ip people (they can travel through the world).

    Are there solutions which allow to open port RPD on demand within several hours for the necessary IP?
  2. rekurs

    rekurs New Member

    Now I have thought up only one solution:

    I can make a small site with https autorization where users can press button which run script (rule for iptables), that open 3389 port only for user IP. And this script make cron job that delete this rule after "X" hours.

    It is not smart solution :) But it have to work.
  3. edge

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