How to Mirror Perfect ubuntu server 12.04 with Nginx instead of Apache

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    Im looking at these tutorials:

    I want to install a Master / Slave Mirror ispconfig setup for high availability / backup to ensure 100% uptime on 2 x ubuntu 12.04 VPS a. Using Nginx so as to deliver sites as fast as possible and reduce server load.

    Is this possible with ubuntu & Nginx or will i be limited to apache? If i use Nginx how do i fit in the best "how to" for the least fuss? ie should i use rsync / glusterfs / unison?

    Also I noticed in another post TIll mentioned one click apps of a fantastico stylee will be available in the 3.5 release of ispconfig. WHen this happens which will be amazing, will it work with NginX too, or just be an apache thing? If so, should I perhaps stick to Apache ?:confused:
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  2. till

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    This should work with nginx as well. The recommended solution at the moment us unison as described in the latest guide. Glusterfs will be very slwo when you have large sites on the server as it does not scale well when you have filesystem with many small files as its common for websites.

    You added above a link to a outdated mirror guide with glusterfs, the current guide is listed on and uses unison:

    This will be fully functional on apache servers only as the aps packages from do not contain nginx specific rewrite rules.
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    Many thanks, and a decision.

    Hi Till,

    Thanks ever so much for such a speedy reply. :D
    I love your guys work, and have followed and tried to learn from it over the years.

    Unison and apache it is then. If a site gets too busy, then a migration to Nginx may be the answer.

    I must have missed that tutorial on, I just thought they were links to HTF, Im off now to re read them.
    Thankyou for your help.

  4. till

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    They are links to howtoforge. But on all links are in a ordered list, sorted by linux distributuion and single / multiserver guides so its easier to keep the overview :)
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    at the risk of exposing myself as a muppet, ive read through the first few pages of the tutorials here and i cant see Unison mentioned. Not sure if im looking in the right place?:confused:

    Im going to be using Ubuntu, so Im sure I can get away with following a Debian Tutorial.
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    Muppet exposed

    you were refering to this one! Will it run ok on Ubuntu 12.04 too?
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