how to map to samba server from workstation

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  1. bonaventure

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    I followed the How to Samba Fileserver with SWAT on Fedora 8 with no difficulty.
    I have one small (and perhaps very stupid) question. What url do I type into my file browser. Let's assume that the IP of my server is and my workstation is

    I've tried typing I get a user name and password box, but the user names and passwords I entered (the ones I created in the "how to") do not work. Is my url incorrect?

  2. o.meyer

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    Hi bonaventure,

    please run the following commands on the server - replace %username% with the username on your Windows system.

    net rpc user add %username% -U root
    net rpc user password %username% "%userpassword%" -U root
    smbpasswd -e %username%
    Best regards,

  3. bonaventure

    bonaventure New Member

    error message

    I tried creating the account as suggested.
    When I ran the first command ("net rpc user add %username% -U root") it immediately asked for a password. It doesn't matter what password I type, I get the following error:

    Could not connect to server
    The username or password was not correct.
    Connection failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
    I'm confused:confused:

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