How to manage DNS or migrate to another dns-server

Discussion in 'General' started by MyKE, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Hi all.

    I tried to search but unsuccessfull. I am having problems with MyDNS in ISPConfig administration. I don't know where are logs for MyDNS. I followed instructions:
    The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 8.10 [ISPConfig 3] and installed on clean Ubuntu 9.10 x64 Server Edition. Everything is O.K. But i have problems with webpage Page works but only with www:

    Server:  my.router
    Unauthorized reply:
    Server:  my.router
    [B]*** my.router, can not find the address Server failed[/B]
    I have own NSSET, ns1... ns2... and correct configured. I don't know how to fix this...

    There are screenshots:



    Few days ago I was installed on server Bind with Apache configuration when i created folder in root-webpage folder it created sub-domain and it works great. I followed manual from falko and he has MyDNS...

    OK what i need is working domains with/without www, and if is possible and easy re-install MyDNS to Bind (if ISPConfig support this daemon to dirty installation isp...)

    If you want to watch my old working zones, there are (i had manual configuration bind and i installed ISPConfig with MyDNS for automaticaly reason...):

    $TTL            86400
    @               IN SOA (
    100     ; serial
    1H      ; refresh
    1M      ; retry
    1W      ; expiry
    1D )    ; minimum
    @                    IN NS   
    @                    IN NS   
    @                    IN A       
    ns1                 IN A       
    ns2                 IN A       
    @                    IN MX   10
    mail                IN A       
    pop3		    IN CNAME
    smtp		    IN CNAME
    WWW             IN A       
    *		IN CNAME
    I don't know how to show you my problem more. Please reply me for more info...

    Thanks for replies!
  2. till

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    You missed to add the dot at the end of the domain name. It must be "" and not "".

    The next time you create a dns zone in ispconfig, better use the dns wizard to ensure that you dont miss a prt of the dns configuration.
  3. MyKE

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    Thanks till.
    I used dns wizard. :)

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