?how to make ubuntu 7.10 look like vista??

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    I am really new to linux!!! Very new. My friend introduced me to Ubuntu 7.04 about three days ago and I somehow accidently upgraded to 7.10 after I notice I was downloading it. Anyway, I found dozens of how toos on how to transform my desktop from the ubuntu theme to Mac4lin which I still can not fully figure out. However I have seen little to no USA based postings on how to make ubuntu look like VISTA!!! Long story short could anyway be help me out with this. I love linux for its stability and free well everything. Any help would be amazing. however replies with an answer please please please dumb it down as much as possible and with some serious step by step intructions. I have almost no experience with any terminal commands which I recently discovered. Thanks:D
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    I never understood why people would use GNU/Linux and want to make it look like a mac or m$ desktop. Regardless to each their own... :)


    Are two great resources for themes for Gnome....You may also want to look into the Compiz project as you may be running that (it is enabled by default in 7.10 however I'm not sure if it enables itself after an upgrade)...

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