How to make Dovecot's listescape plugin work?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Etcetera, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Etcetera

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    Tried "everything" – including, but not limited to the instructions on (/archive/110360), but creating a folder named one.two in Thunderbird still results in the creation of a folder one with a subfolder two. The same goes for one/two even if I try to set the separator to something else than "/". If possible, I would like to allow at least "." characters in folder names, one of the reasons being that I'm about to migrate a Windows based mail server setup (hMailServer) with a couple of accounts with quite a number of existing folders already containing dots in their names.

    It's not that it's hailing errors or something, it is as if I hadn't changed anything at all.

    For testing new changes in dovecot.conf and/or 10-mail.conf/20-imap.conf, I not only made sure to service dovecot restart after every new attempt, but I always created a new mailbox to test with after making changes, too.

    (This is Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS with an ISPConfig 3.1 setup according to the respective "Perfect Server" manual – which was just the right incentive last year that I needed to finally start a long overdue, extensive move to Linux, mostly from OS/2-eComStation, quite a bit from Windows, too, and I'm really, really happy I did. I'm nearly through with everything and I'm happy as can be...)

    Any ideas as to where to look further in this case?

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  2. Ghostdare

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    I don't think that is possible.
  3. Etcetera

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    Why do you think so?

    From the dovecot website (, /Plugins/Listescape), one should think it was.

    Actually one would think it was a piece of cake ;-)
  4. Ghostdare

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    My mistake then. I've also tried back in the days to use it, with no go. let us know if you managed to make it work.

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