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Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by indonesia, Nov 10, 2007.

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    some body, tell me please

    1. How To Make Desktop Applications Start Automatically After Login at (KDE & XFCE) ?
    2. How to make desktop applications start automatically before login field appears ? (i dont know, is it possible to do or not), i want to make that a billing program running first and than the users who want to use the computer must fill his/her name first in the name field before, and before it do all of the program on desktop can not run, i'm works at cyber/internet cafe.... if any one have other or good idea tell me please

    (i'm sorry, i'm bad speak in english)

    thanks :)
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    This might help:
  3. topdog

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    1. To make an application start after login you need to link the command to the directory ~/.kde/Autostart/

    2. You need to look at your display manager and configure your app as an xclient, I dont have the full details but you can look at how openkiosk is implemented and get the tips from there.

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