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    Once again, kudos for the BEST Linux site on the net. I have a quick question regarding the howto, "How To Make A Fully Customized KDE Live CD/DVD Using Kubuntu".

    In the following section, I do not understand the "BaseBuild" reference for Synaptic:

    Step Four: Use Synaptic To Install Core Software

    Add the following to your sources.list file:

    ## Remastersys
    deb remastersys/

    We need some software installed to handle key factors like sound automount and many other things. The current installation is exremely minimal and would require a great amount of time to go through and individually find all the correct packages needed. So I have used Synaptic to create a recovery file of all the software you need for your core install system.

    Click Reload in Synaptic to update the apt sources.

    In Synaptic go to File >> Read Markings >> browse to the file BaseBuild that was included in the archive along with this file.

    Click Apply.

    Can you tell me what the red line above is referring to?

  2. falko

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    Not sure, but maybe it is referring to the recovery file?

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