How to install Recursive PowerDNS into CentOS 6.3?

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    Hi Experts,

    I plan to install Recursive PowerDns into CentOS 6.3 Linux server. It this supported?

    If yes, is there any guide that i can follow?

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    Anybody able to help?

    Philip Jee
  3. falko

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    Hi Falko,

    Thanks for the reply. I would like to know this command below. I believe this is for PowerDns Authoritative server. What command should i use for recursive powerdns package?

    3 Installing PowerDNS

    To install PowerDNS, we run

    yum install pdns pdns-backend-mysql

  5. falko

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    Not sure if the recursor is part of these packages or not. You can search for PowerDNS packages like this:
    yum search pdns
    If it gives you only these two packages, then the recursor is already part of one of the two, I guess.

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