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    I would like to install this plugin, which could help with set filters. I downloaded, changed name and added directory to /etc/roundcube/plugins:
    [email protected]:/etc/roundcube/plugins# ls
    acl                         database_attachments  enigma   http_authentication  markasjunk2        password     squirrelmail_usercopy
    additional_message_headers  dovecot-impersonate   filters  jqueryui             newmail_notifier   sauserprefs  zipdownload
    compose-addressbook         emoticons             help     managesieve          new_user_identity  sieverules
    but it does not work. Besides, when I log into roundcube and click About in left upper corner, I can see installed plugins list (I also attach screenshot):
    archive, filesystem_attachments, jqueryui and zipdownload.

    I have also /usr/share/roundcube/plugins path but in plugin's guide does not exists any information about put something to this path. Does anybody know how to make this plugin work?

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  2. ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    you need to enable plugins in your /etc/roundcube/ like
    $config['plugins'] = array(
    "help", "database_attachments",  "acl", "markasjunk2",
    "additional_message_headers", "newmail_notifier", "zipdownload",
    "jqueryui", "ispconfig3_account", "ispconfig3_autoreply", "ispconfig3_autoselect", "ispconfig3_pass", "ispconfig3_spam", "ispconfig3_fetchmail", "ispconfig3_filter", "ispconfig3_forward", "ispconfig3_wblist"
    if you run debian, plugins are placed to /usr/share/roundcube/plugins
    and afterwards a symlink from /var/lib/roundcube/plugins is to be made.
  3. Poliman

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    Yes, I did like this but nothing happens.:D I have:
    $config['plugins'] = array(
    I use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Moreover on attached screen I don't see enabled "Filters" plugin. I suppose it should be visible. ;)

    I found out about managesieve plugin which could also enable "Filters" tab in Roundcube but I am unable to implement it, because there is not only turn on it in above array but some modifications of Dovecot files. I can't find on the Internet some unambiguous tutorial for this. This one is the closest to truth and some docs.
    What about ispconfig3 plugins which you pasted in above post? ;)
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  4. ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer
    the managesieve plugin is much better - however not the ispconfig way, but it can be done.

    if your filters plugin won't load, try adding
    $config['debug_level'] = 4;
    to your config-file and see what it displays?
  5. Poliman

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    Link, which you posted is some fork of managesieve? :) Debug line should be pasted inside /etc/roundcube/ (currently there it does not exist)? Any restart needed? Currently without adding any line I have in log file something like this:
    [26-Jul-2018 07:21:27 +0200]: PHP Error: Failed to load plugin file /var/lib/roundcube/plugins/filters/filters.php in /usr/share/roundcube/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_plugin_api.php on line 173 (GET /roundcube/)
    First path from this code does not contain /filters/filters.php. Does it mean I should put plugin directory "filters" inside above path or symlink? Currently manual says it should be inside /etc/roundcube/plugins.

    I made it work! I added filters directory to /usr/share/roundcube/plugins/filters. After this symlinked it under /var/lib/roundcube/plugins like this:
    [email protected]:/var/lib/roundcube/plugins# ln -s /usr/share/roundcube/plugins/filters filters
    but I am still curious about link, which you posted is some fork of managesieve and do adding debug line require restart? ;)
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  6. ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    no it's no fork of managesieved, it is a set of plugins to manage your email-account on ispconfig servers from within roundcube.
    no, adding the line does usually not require a restart - except in some rare non-default circumstances:
    if your php opcode cache does no revalidation on each request or after a short time, it may take longer or just a restart of php-service or apache to make the change live.
  7. Poliman

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    Ok, got it. Thank you for detailed answer. ;)
    Could you look at this thread? I think you are experienced, so maybe you could help also there. ;)
  8. ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    @Poliman there should be some answers for that in the forum if I my memory is correct. It should be easy to fix anyways. But I'd need to rebuild scenario probably and I'm not n the situation I'd like to do so, weather's too hot, not very productive ^^
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  9. Poliman

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    Yea, me too. Finally I resolved it. I wrote the fix in that thread. ;)
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