How to install 3G USB modem for Aspire one

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by phdeb, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. phdeb

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    I bought myself an Acer Aspire One with linpus Linux.
    It's my first tme with Linux and I like it a lot.
    Only, the reseller fooled me (or I should have informed myself better) by saying that 3G modems of our Belgian telecom operators came with Linux drivers. Non of that...
    Or I have to install Xp on my acer or I have to find an other way to get the USB 3G modem (OPTION GLOBESURFER ICON 7.2) working on Linux.

    I am a computer user and not a real computer wizard.
    Will it be possible for me to get this done?

    I suppose I have to do some low level manipulations first to get the modem recognised and then I need a software to dial in or make the connection. Is that correct?
  2. falko

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    Maybe you should try and install another distribution such as Ubuntu because it has better hardware support. If it still doesn't work then, we'd have to think of something else.
  3. staannoe

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    USB Modem (Nokia N95) og Acer Aspire ONE


    I have compiled a module for usb modems and made a howto on how to make the Nokia N95 work for the aa1. This will probably work for some other phones as well. If you are using an dedicated modem (eg. not a phone) you will probably need an application as UMTSmon instead of, or in conjunction with gnome-ppp

    The aa1 is at least working flawlessly with my Nokia N95 and this guide will probably work without any modification on most N-series and E-series Nokia phones (S60).

    Good Luck
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  4. joe-riz-rocks

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    I recently bought an Aspire One with Linpus Linux installed, and I'm having some problems connecting my Nokia N92 to use it as a USB modem like I used to in WinXP using PC Suite. Then I found your post, followed the steps carefully, and before I knew it, my N92 was connecting once again to the internet.

    However, when I launch Firefox, it couldn't connect to the web using the usb modem. How do I tell Firefox to use the usb modem, which was running on the background? BTW, I have no problem connecting to the internet with Firefox using WiFi method. So I know it's just a matter of telling Firefox to use the modem connection properly, but which I have no idea how.

    I'd really appreciate if you could point me to the right direction.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. staannoe

    staannoe New Member

    If the phone is connecting without firefox working, I suspect you have a DNS problem. As you can see from my blog-post it suggests setting a manual DNS setting (automatic does not work). The manual DNS adresses I have supplied are from OpenDNS, and should be working from most suppliers. My guess is that your mobile provider is filtering your DNS requests.

    If this is the case the solution is simple. Find your suppliers DNS IP-adresses and change the ones supplied in my guide.

    I suspect this will do it

    Good luck!

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