How to hook up into dev??

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by spr, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. spr

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    I couldn´t find any Docs about developing...
    Isn´t there an API Doc or something like that?

    What I want to do?

    - Expand the "Multiserver" feature
    - Implement lighty
    - may be some more plugins

    Please let me know how and where to start with dev!


  2. till

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    All available Information about development can be find here in this forum.
  3. spr

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  4. Horfic

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    plug = Plugin, a new seperate Feature
    mod = Modification, Plugins modified to the needs of the customer
  5. till

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    Nearly perfect but in this case mod means module :)

    A module is e.g. dns, web, email. Similar to the upper navigation in the interface. Normally you dont have to add a new module as modules do not do any configuration work. Modules contain only some code to provide events.

    All configuration work is done in the plugins. In your plugin you may attach as many functions to an event as you like.

    To get started, the best way is to look at the existing plugins. Copy a plugin of your choice, change the file name and class name inside the plugin and create a symlink from plugins-enabled to plugins available. To see what your plugin does, you should enable debiúgging:

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