How to get the document about compiling kernel?

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    I have compiled the kernel successfully according to "How To Compile A Kernel - The Ubuntu Way" written by Falko Timme.Please, let me give my thanks to him.However,I want to know how he got the information about compiling kernel.Is the information published some website(e.g. ubuntu official website) or distributed with my distribution(e.g. ubuntu 5.10)?

    I am a linux newbie and any information is appreciated:)

  2. sjau

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    Hello Jack

    what do you mean by you would like to get information about how to compile a kernel?
    You would like a howto on how you can compile a kernel for ubuntu 5.10?
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    Thanks for your reply.However,you don't get my meaning.I want to know where Falko Timme got the howto/information on compiling kernel.There shoud be some document that Falko Timme compiled the kernel according to before he posted the howto on this site.Is it published on some website or distributed with related distribution?I want to get the original information on compling some kernel.

    I don't know whether I make it clear. I am waiting for your next replay. thanks again.

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    Well, I guess Falko has years and years of experience with linux so in the beginning he surely needed some docs to actually start somewhere... but now it's probably like a common task for him that he has done 1000s of times and hence needs no real documentation anymore...

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