how to fix: address not listed for hostname?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Ovidiu, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Ovidiu

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    Debian perfect server installation with ISPCFG3 and 2 IPs.
    I added the second IP to my server as advised by Falko in another thread, then I started getting these warnings in my mail logs. To fix them, I added a reverse DNS entry for the second IP and thought I got rid of them but every now and then, these warnings still appear in my logs. address not listed for hostname

    My primary IP for this server is:
    Anything I forgot besides the reverse DNS?

    I also added the second IP to /etc/hosts like this but I am unsure if this is right:

    cat /etc/hosts localhost h1870666 h1870666
  2. Ovidiu

    Ovidiu Active Member

  3. TiTex

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    do you have an A record for pointing to ?
    your reverse dns is set up correctly both and are pointing back to , however you should also have a record like

    h1870666 IN A

    in your zone
  4. Ovidiu

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    Just figured out the same thing! Chatted with my server provider's help desk and it turns out they suggest using one of my own domains.

    Not sure I understand this:

    they provide me with a server and a generic hostname, i.e. and 2 IPs but I can't use the second IP for sending emails because of the problem I reported in this thread.
    The problem is that you have absolutely no control over the DNS settings for hte domain they provide me with, i.e. I can't set up an A-record for

    Now my question is, if I use one of my own domains, to set up A-records and reverse DNS pointers, that would solve the problem, but I guess I would also need to change a lot of postfix configuration, right?

    So in my quest to elegantly solve this I came across this thread: explaining how to stop postfix sending emails through a particular IP but in the comment below, a user explains that that solution screws up AMAVIS and suggests a new solution.

    Does anyone know if the solution in the comment is the best way to go?

    for those too lazy to click the link, the suggested solution is to add
    to bind postfix to one IP but that seems to stop AMAVIS from working.

    The counter-solution in the comment section suggests editing /etc/postfix/
  5. TiTex

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    tell me if i understand your setup

    you have bought a domain from a service provider
    that is one of the provider default NS's for your domain
    you are hosting your domain (zone) with the provider
    you are hosting your web/mail server on your own server or rented dedicated/vps
    you have an A and MX record in your zone pointing to your mail server IP

    is this correct ?
  6. Ovidiu

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    I see I managed to confuse you :)

    What you said earlier is actually right:
    Strato, my root server provider, delivers each of their root servers with a domain name, i.e. h1870666 within the domain managed by them:

    I have no control over this domain since its theirs, therefore I cannot add h1870666 IN A so I guess its easier to simply have postfix use only my first IP for which they added the A record.

    To answer your questions above:
    - is the root server hostname and domain as assigned by the ISP
    - on this root server I run web server/dns/mail server
    - all domains I host are properly configured

    The point is that postfix is configured like this:

    myhostname =
    myorigin = /etc/mailname
    /etc/mailname contains:

    so I would have to reconfigure postfix completely if I were to replace with a domain I own and host.

    Therefore, I tried putting the problem like this:


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