How to exclude web from backup

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    Hi all

    Today I have to exclude one web from ISPConfig daily backup. It is wery easy but maybe useful for someone. I don't know if this feature will be included in ISPConfig 3 but it will be very helpful :)

    1. Find number of web needed for exclusion .. for example for web56 it is 56
    2. Edit /ispconfig/scripts/shell/backup.php

    change line:
    $webs = $mod->db->queryAllRecords("SELECT * FROM isp_isp_web");

    $webs = $mod->db->queryAllRecords("SELECT * FROM isp_isp_web where doc_id != 56");
    Thats all :)

    If you need more than one web .. for example web56 and web74 .. solution is easy too:

    $webs = $mod->db->queryAllRecords("SELECT * FROM isp_isp_web where doc_id != 56 and doc_id != 74");
    Hope it helps somebody :)


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