how to disable tls and just use plain ftp?

Discussion in 'General' started by adamjedgar, Sep 9, 2017.

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    Hi guys,
    i have an application with a built in ftp client which is having problems connecting to servers via sftp and ssh (or any fancy ftp security protocols).
    I am sure that its mostly something i am doing wrong, however, i would just like to start with the basic ftp functionality and work my way up to the more secure protocols.

    What i have found during problem solving on other control panels is that if i can get notepad++ ftp client working successfully, the actual app i am wanting to connect to my ispconfig 3 server (Adobe Muse) will also very likely function. I have found filezilla is not a good test seems to be able to workaround little server misconfigurations itself whereas Adobe Muse cannot.

    So to help me work through this, I need to configure ispconfig 3 with its most basic ftp functionality settings (i dont want any fancy stuff...just plain old ftp access (ipaddress, username and password, on port 21).

    Adobe muse has extended passive (EPSV) and passive (PASV) options for ftp

    Can someone provide me direction with this please?
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