How to disable / hide Send copy to

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    How to disable / hide send copy to option in mail box page.
    What is happening is If am setting a send copy to -email address outside the server for example a [email protected] in [email protected] then a mail sent from say [email protected] is being sent using SMTP of my server as if the mail is originating from my server that is from [email protected].
    I am using relay server and in no way I can validate this address i.e. [email protected] and there will be numerous instances of outside sender sending mail to [email protected] and those senders are becoming senders from my server and postfix is alllowing it as relay email address of [email protected]
    So either the from address is changed to [email protected] with some header as [email protected] or I am able to completely take that option off of - send copy to.
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    The only option to remove the checkbox is to alter the html template of that page. Or you change the sieve code and remove it from the sieve template to mimic the behaviour that you want.

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