How to create a wireless network for a large house?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by bedocoman, Sep 15, 2017.

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    Can somebody explain the best way (which will give best performance) to set up a wifi network across a large house?

    If money were almost no object, how would one set it up so that you could get a strong wifi signal in every room from the basement to the attic? (preferably while staying on the same wifi network eg. so that it doesn't require any skill on the part of the user to change networks etc.) The goal being to be able to watch streaming video in any room on an iPad/iPhone etc.

    I am eager to learn how this is done!
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    without going into a lengthy post...its no different to a wired network...with the exception that you will have a single base station (as you call it) and a number of repeater stations (or signal boosters/amplifiers) located throughout the house. These may be simply amplifying an existing wireless signal coming out of the base station itself, or, they can be connected via wired lines (cat 5) in the wall of your house, or indeed even run through your house existing electrical wiring. Special ethernet wall plugs/adapters go into power points for this.

    The last option i believe is the cheapest. I cannot vouch for its signal quality, however, our foxtel here at home uses this system (as a wired backup to our internet connection in the event we lose satellite dish signal quality), and seems to run ok with it.

    see an example of power point adapter that foxtel use in image attached.

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  3. Yes, 1 Base station => multiple wifi extender vai Ethernet cable will give you best performance in all rooms..
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    If money would play no role, then lay a cable onto every floor and put a mesh networking capable wifi ap there.

    Also, if laying ethernet cable is too much of an effort, you could try some powerline adapters to get network to the basement and then use a wifi ap there... again best in a mesh network.

    Google wifi mesh network got good reviews here:

    Also a good read for mesh networks to start with:

    Here's another comparison of mesh network systems:

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