How To control Pure-ftpd-mysql max size

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by phall472, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Now that my pure-ftpd-mysql is final up and running with virtual ftp for each client, how does the system keep track of the max quota available to each client?

    Example: If a client is given 500 MB quota. The client is uploading files and deleting files every day. Does mysql keep track of the deletions or just keeps track of the uploads?

    I have noticed a system file in the virtual ftp folder called .ftpquota this seems to store the number of bytes uploaded. It does not seem to recognize any deletions. I went in and uploaded a single file 21 Bytes and then I deleted the file and I uploaded it again. The .ftpquota had 42 in it instead of only 21.

    If this is the way it works, does any one know of any other ftp software that would keep track of both uploads and deletions so the account would hold the net size.

    This is to be used like, an online file backup service witha maximum net size allowed.

    Thank you
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    It keeps track of the currently used space on the hard disk. If files get deleted, this increases the free space.

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