How to Configure SNMP?

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    Dear all,
    I am very new to SNMP
    Even though the question may seem to be silly,
    I want your help!!!

    My Questions are:

    1.I am using BOSS linux 3.1(A Debian Derived Linux).
    what is the use of SNMP?

    2.If we want to monitor a system, is it required
    to have SNMP to be installed ?

    3.How to install SNMP and configure it?

    4.How to find the version of SNMP installed in my system?

    I tried to find with snmpwalk - It showed version like

    SNMP V2- MIB

    and executed tcpdump and it showed results like

    ICMP request on

    SNMP Version 1

    Actually what is the version?

    If we planned to use SNMPV3, what should be done???

    5.How to enable SNMP port?

    I was using Hyperic HQ open source monitoring tool which was installed on
    System A.
    I wished to monitor System B and I specified the IP address of System B to monitor in the Webbased tool in System A.
    When I clicked Ok button , i got a message like,

    SNMP configuration is wrong . it asked SNMP IP ,SNMP port(161) and some thing like idescrie etc,

    I am sure that the SNMP tool is running in the System B, but still
    i am getting error messages like "Wrong Configuration'
    What to do....?
    I have been struck up for 2 days..
    Please some one help....

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