how to configure severs to used like a hosting severs for more then 100.000 clients.

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  1. pifos999

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    i'd like to know step by step how i can build a severs for hosting using Cpanel.

    i'd like to know what is necessary to use like hardware and to install and if i need to buy license for Cpanel, and how to setup Cpanel to be ready for client to use it.

    If some one now how to integrate the server to the live site where clients can setup there account. For example site like Hostgator it will be very helpful.

    Thanks for all help.
  2. Leszek

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    I've installed cPanel coupple years ago.

    Basicly everything You need to know is on

    First You'll need a clean server. The only thing You have to have is a fresh compatible system and download cPanel/WHM (it's the same package) and run the installer, which will do most things for You. It will ask questions so be prepared.

    You can buy a license here: but it's even better to get a trial before You buy so You can setup everything and see what You're buying. You'll need two DNS servers for everything to work automatically (one with cPanel and the second with a cPanel DNS addon which will automatically replicate the dns zones on both servers.

    Here are the system requirements:

    Setting up RAID and/or LVM now will also be helpful in the future.
  3. pifos999

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    Very nice explanation Leszek, i'm still looking for some details very very explained step by step solution (if there is article to follow, video, images,...).

    Thank you for your efforts i appreciate that.
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  4. mbsouth

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    Hi pifos999!

    On the left hand you need a server for running 100.000+ clients, on the right hand it seems, you know nothing about servermanagement, -configuration.
    My tipp: le it be!

  5. Farnsworth

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    Spoken the truth.
  6. tek

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    Or in addition to what Farnsworth stated. :D

    There would 3 addition steps:

    1: Write a solid business plan and have the cash to execute on said business plan.

    2: Realizing Farnsworth is correct in what he stated, take a deep breath, let that all sink in and find someone who does.

    3: Swallow, and be prepared to show that business plan. Offering cash to someone who does understand server management, configuration, networking, security, large scale system deployment, business process and long long list of required skillsets to pull it off may not be enough, be prepared to offer a percentage of ownership to this new business entity. You might not have to but be prepared to.

    Even those 3 is with make a lot of assumptions: some of which are.
    All of this assumes you have cash in hand and financial backing to pull this off.
    Know what is is your really trying to do and why.
    Have a 1 year operating budget in hand and hopefully some kind of business track record. Otherwise, Farnsworth is totally correct. Actually he's totally correct but if you have these ... Its not completely impossible. But your just the Mr Money bags for a project like this otherwise.

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