How to configure network for VM connected to IP alias

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    Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

    I have a rent-a-server with one NIC and two real-world IP addresses. The first IP,, is the actual IP address of the server. The second IP,, is an IP alias. The interface is defined as follows:

      # loopback interface
      auto lo
      iface lo inet loopback
      # ethernet interface
      auto eth0
      iface eth0 inet static
      # virtual interfaces
      auto eth0:0
      iface eth0:0 inet static
      name Ethernet alias LAN card
    The address has a web server and a number of functioning services on it. The address is a recently purchased address. It "pings" as defined above. I've no previous experience with IP aliaes, but as I understand it, the address is NOT associated with a network at all. There is no broadcast or gateway associated with the address.

    I am attempting to install a product that functions within a virtual machine hosted on the same server. I want the virtual machine to be addressed by the address. The pre-built VMWare based virtual machine obtains its IP through DHCP. Both the host and virtual machine are Ubuntu 10.04 server. I would prefer to change the VM to use the static IP, but have no idea how to set that up since there is no actual network/broadcast/gateway. When I attempt to set up the dhcp3-server on the host, it fails to start, issuing the error message: "No subnet declaration for eth0:0 ( ** Ignoring requests on eth0:0." as if the eth0:0 interface is not up. The eth0:0 is, however, up.

    For reference, the host server is Ubuntu 10.04 server with ISPConfig3, the Virtual Machine server is VMWare Server 2.02, the guest OS is Ubuntu 10.04 server. Networking is set to bridged per the application requirements.

    Anyone know how to set the above scenerio up? Is it even possible with an IP alias?

    Thanks in advance,

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