How to configure my network settings? IP, DNS, Nameservers ????

Discussion in 'General' started by sierradump, May 8, 2007.

  1. sierradump

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    Okay I am quasi-new to the world of linux but after doing a few fun projects on centOS and apache for work --- I want to do something FUN with my static IP at home. I want to setup ISPConfig but am also don't have the BEST understanding of how the "internet" works... I know how Lan's work so I guess I just need some clarification...

    EDIT: I don't really know enough of the terminology, or how DNS works on "commercial ISP's" (like godaddy etc...) -- so my question may seem vague but I am basically trying to figure out how I setup my box to work like a "commercial ISP" ....

    1.) How does ISPConfig handle the DNS stuff??? I create the site and during setup I choose the "create dns record" checkbox... HOW ON EARTH IS THAT GOING TO SEND THE A-RECORD TO THE PUBLIC DNS SERVERS???? It seems to me it only creates the record for the local DNS server (running on same box as ISPConfig and is NOT the DNS server that DSL and Cable subscribers will be getting through their ISP's DHCP) For instance after I make my site --- how is that NEW domain name going to get resolved properly for someone that isn't using MY ISPConfig linux box as their DNS Server... am I missing something here?
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  2. till

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    You mix things up. Sure, ISPConfig configures its "own" or local DNS server like any other DNS configuration software too. You must make your own dns server authoritive for your domain at the registry where you registered the domain.
  3. sierradump

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    Glad to see someone as knowledgable as yourself jump in to help me out here... I have seen your posts while searching several threads in this forum...

    So then it is the NAMESERVERS that I point for the domain to my ISPCONFIG Box?


    I only have 1 IP address --- Can I still follow the GODADDY/ISPCONFIG "HOWTO" without having the 2 public IP's?
  4. till

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    For the godaddy guide, you need to have 2 IP addresses. In your case you can unly run a primary nemeserver. Maybe you can rent secondary nameservives from Godaddy or another company.
  5. sierradump

    sierradump New Member

    Is there a way to setup ISPConfig to host godaddy domains ONLY USING MY 1 STATIC IP???
  6. falko

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    I'm not sure if GoDaddy accepts two nameservers that both point to the same IP address, but you can try it.

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