How to configure mod_proxy_balancer?

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    i have two web servers hosting the same site installed behind a zentyal server cum firewall (which i installed and configured with mod_proxy module (thanks to google :) )
    i can reach both servers from internet however as already discussed, there is no load balancing on servers. From somewhere i came to know that apache module of the zentyal server also suports mod_proxy_balancer module which does the task of balancing traffic between two servers. Here goes the IP configuration of the three servers (zentyal firewall + two webservers behind zentyal).

    zentyal server interfaces (theree in total)
    eth1 (WAN): 115.xx.xx.18
    eth2 (WAN): 115.xx.xx.19
    eth0 (LAN):

    web serverA (connected to zentyal LAN interface):
    web serverB (also connected to zentyal):

    Thanks in advance!!!

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