How to configure fail2ban to block badbot

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    I am using this tutorial with my web server. Currently I am under attack with so many web crawler. It is eating my bandwidth by downloading so many files (zip file). I thouroughly research on how to prevent this. I already used cloudflare but I need to enable the "I am under attack" setting in order to prevent this badbot. But the "I am under attack" settings is very annoying for my visitors. I also try to block the IP address and it's working fine without enabling the "I am under attack" settings. The problem is if i'm not online and I can't ban/block the IP address manually.

    I found this tutorial that enable us to ban the IP address using fail2ban. But I believe that this tutorial is not inline or compatible with ispconfig 3.

    The line that I doubt on the tutorial is this "logpath = /var/log/nginx*/*access*.log"

    In ispconfig 3, the log files is located under /var/log/ispconfig/http/ and not under /var/log/nginx.

    So anyone know how to configure fail2ban to comply with ispconfig 3?

    I desperately need and answer to prevent badbots.

    Thank you

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