How to config. Samba as a win pdc in ubuntu 10.10 server amdx64

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    First thing first, you guys are doing excellent work here at how to forge—thanks. I’m new to Linux and I’ve been using this website like a bible. Right now, I’m trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 server and I followed your steps and everything works fine, but I would like to create a windows style domain with roaming profiles, because the rest of machines are windows, and I have trouble when it comes to the net rpc rights grant "EXAMPLE\Domain Admins"... command. I’ve read in other websites that you should move this command from step 3 to step 7, and I’ve tried that and it still doesn’t work. Right now, I’m reinstalling Ubuntu so I can’t give you anymore particulars at this time, but anything you guys can do to help would be greatly appreciated—thanks again.
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