How to check command line requests routed thru TOR?

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    I followed the tutorial here on routing all guest OS Virtualbox traffic through TOR using and it seems to be working well. The web browsers on the guest OS all report IP's in Europe when I test with and others. The host OS shows my real IP when going to the same sites.

    But I initiate a lot of requests from the Linux command line and I haven't been able to confirm to my satisfaction that these are routing through TOR, though I have no reason to think they do not.

    When I use this command I get no output from the guest OS, but my real IP from the host OS:

    dig +short

    This bash file gives no output from either OS:


    echo Your external IP Address is:
    wget -O - -o /dev/null | grep '<TITLE>' | sed -r 's/<TITLE>WhatIsMyIP\.com \- //g' | sed -r 's/<\/TITLE>//g'

    exit 0


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