how to change the user for proftpd ?

Discussion in 'General' started by kadi, May 11, 2008.

  1. kadi

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    I have ispconfig installed on the server
    with Centos 5.1, and i use ws_ftp on the
    windows system on other computer to upload the
    files to the server, when i have to setup the
    site file on ws_ftp i have to put : like web3_mysite
    i can't keep track of 40 sites which web_# is
    the user, is there is anyway to change that
    with for example name or site name without
    web_# ?
    Thanks very much for help in advance. :)
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  2. Norman

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    I'm sorry but ispconfig is built using prefixes to make sure that each user added on a site is unique.
    For example, what if site 1 and site 2 both wants to be "admin" as user?

    One of them would get "this username already exists".
  3. kadi

    kadi New Member

    Thanks for your reply

    Thanks for your reply.
    With all my respect to your point of view:
    i am not complaining about ispconfig my
    question was if it is possible to change
    this default in one of the files like *.conf
    file for example ?
    all i am saying is : can you remember 45
    sites on the server which one is web_5 for
    example and which one is web_27 ?
    if you can do that i love to know how
    and i will appreciate it very much.
    Concerning the username i don't think
    it will accept duplicate name by default.
    Thanks again your reply been appreciated.:)
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  4. till

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  5. kadi

    kadi New Member

    Thanks alot for your great help

    Hi Till
    Thanks very much for your great support
    and help that is what i was looking for,
    and a very good solution.
    as usual you are a big help.
    Thanks again very much.:)

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