How to change the base domain and the IP adress in ISPConfig?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tom, Aug 3, 2007.

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    I would like to move to another server. I suppose the only thing I've to do is to change the basic domain and the IP addres in ISPConfig. Right? How can I do this? Maybey there is already an howto but I've not find one.

    Would it be possible to use one domain for more ISPConfig installations, by using the host to redirect to other servers which have?

    It is possible to redirect whith ISPConfig to an external IP adress?
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    You should be able to access the ISPConfig interface on any IP address or domain that is configured on your server as the ISPConfig httpd listens on all interfaces on port 81. So it is not needed to configure naything in the ISPConfig interface to access the interface it self, all configurations are only for your other websites.
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    The goal of my question was to find an other way on which I can configure the domain and the ip because I had trouble when I've copied a domU in the same network. The secound domU contained a copy of and idetical ISPConfig installation and I got network problem because several servers were listening on the same ip and domain. Are all configurations stored in the database so that I could change it there?
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    Yes. But changing them will not help you because the cahnges will not be activated in your configuartion.

    Please login trough the ISPConfig interface and change the values within ISPConfig. There is no configuration for the interface, so you do not have to cahnge anything to connect to ISPConfig. Just use the IP address of the domU and connact to it on port 81. e.g.


    and then change the IP address in ISPConfig under management > server > settings and then change it in every website afterwards and save the cahnge in every website.

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