How to change Port 25 to different Port #

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by happz, Oct 5, 2008.

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    I have managed to get smtp from my ISP working since my isp block port 25. i am using their smtp which uses a different port. when i try to sign up as a use on one of my sites the invite email never comes. when i look at the error log it appears that from within my sites using "mail" to send invites on php driven sites that it continues to use port 25. i am assuming that is from within the server config or maybe ispconfig....

    Can anyone tell me how to force internal mail to use a specific port number i.e. change 25 to something else?

    here is the line in my log that bothers me:::::: [email protected] log]# Oct 4 23:34:18 websrv1 postfix/smtp[6077]: connect to[]: Connection timed out (port 25)


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  2. falko

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    You can try this:
    postconf -e 'relayhost ='
    (replace 26 with the actual port number).

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