How to change ISPConfig Password from Linux Command line

Discussion in 'General' started by abndrew82, Jan 15, 2008.

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    I messed up, figure by leaving the password as admin / admin while I worked out my kinks and bugs.

    Well it appears my user name and password are not that now, not sure if someone got in and changed it or what.

    I have access to my database from the Command Line in Ubuntu, but cant figure out exactly how to get to the ispconfig database to see about changing the password.

    Also on that, for some reason I cannot get an external program such as Heidi sql to connect to the database for some reason, I know with that I would have very little issue finding where my password is saved and fixing this.

    Anybody got any ideas.
  2. abndrew82

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    Well I couldnt find a good way to get this working

    But I did manage, I think to fix it

    I ended up using mysql command line commands to insert a new row into the sys_user table with a new admin user.

    then deleted out the admin user completely from the table.

    So I can now login with this newly created admin user.

    Not sure how well this will work, but should do for now, as I will most likely be reinstalling shortly anyway.
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