How to Boot from CD? The Perfect Desktop - Kubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron)

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  1. jorgia

    jorgia New Member

    Hello Falko,

    Related to your how-to article here;

    i'm embarrassed to say that being able to make either a bootable or "live cd" as evaded me entirely. i would love to ditch Windows entirely and permanently, but i can't even seem to start the Kubuntu install. :eek:

    What am i doing wrong please?

    i downloaded the kubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso file to my x86 Windows desktop system using Firefox from here;

    then using Nero i burned (at 8X) and verified the file to CD-R.

    But when i try to run or boot from the CD (and there have been several other Linux distributions/versions, on other x86 Windows machines that i've tried as well), absolutely nothing just boots straight in to Windows. The CD drive barely blips, let alone try to spin up or read.

    This has got to be a perfectly obvious sorry to be a bother with it...but i appreciate your attention.

    I'm hoping that any updates/replies that happen to his thread will also come to my email, but in any case i'll check back here i am am DONE with Windows forever and really need a good stable solution. And no dual-boot thing either. :)


  2. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    here's how you burn an ISO:

    and then to boot from it, you have to set in the BIOS to boot from cd first and not from the harddisk.

    and besides, Linux is not a drop-in replacement for windows... it is different... it has it twirks also... don't except it to be just like windows but better.

    At least in the beginning I would recommend to dual-boot - as there might be hardware that isn't supported by linux in your computer.
  3. jorgia

    jorgia New Member

    Thank you sjau...that worked perfectly!

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