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    hello, I am having same problem.

    I installed Joomla 1.5 to a site (web1) and when I upload a .htaccess file via ftp of the same user the .htaccess gets disappeared. Just cause I got the ispconfig running on a laptop on lan if I go to /var/www/ I can see the .htaccess file with permissions to web1, client1. I access ftp from a windows machine using filezilla and this is the first time I see something like this. I mean I use it for years on my host without a problem. I don't find some option on the ftp client to show or hide hidden files, I searched all the program (there is actually something on a menu to Force Showing Hidden Files, but nothing).

    I wanna simulate my host's behavior to ispconfig and use .htaccess but it keeps disappearing whatever I do on the ftp.

    I saw till's advice above that says:

    Edit the file:
    and change the lines:
    AllowOverride Indexes AuthConfig Limit FileInfo
    AllowOverride All

    .. but I cannot find such lines in that file.

    any help appreciated
    thanks so much !
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    This advice was for older ispconfig releases, it does not apply to the verion that you have installed. In current ISPCinfig releases, AllowOverride is always set to "All" by default.

    Files that strat with a dot are hidden file son linux. So it is normal that you dont see it but this does not mean that it is disappered.

    If you use the commad:

    ls -la

    on the shell, then you will see hiffen files. If you want to see hidden files with FTP too, then you can configure it in your FTP server:
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    haaaaaaaa ! you are the man :)
    works !

    thanks !!!!!!!

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