How to allow admin edit domains (reassign domain to different Client) ?

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    maybe somenone can help me..

    Now - in menu Client=Doimains i cannot edit the domain. When i click on domain and assign it to different client it is not saved.
    I can imagine why it is so... it brings some problems.
    but actually not so much
    - dns can be reassigned
    - web site can be reassigned
    - mail can be reassigned
    - only database has to be deleted and created again...

    Anyway, in reall life i have to sometimes assign domain with existing services under different Client

    As i'm using multiserver setup i have then to edit domain table in 4 dbispconfig databases manually which is really anoying...

    What exactly should i change to allow admin edit domains and assign it to different Client?
    something in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/client/domain_edit.php ?
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