how to add restrected user on CentOS

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    Hi guys

    I would like to create a user on Cents with restricted access. The main idea is to create a user where:

    1) The user will be able to perform specific commands such as ,ping,iptables, tracert,ifconfig.

    2) The user WILL NOT BE ABLE to navigate to root directory or to any other folder except his home directory.

    3) The user will be able to connect remotely with ssh.

    Can someone please guide me on how to perform the above configuration? I am not asking for a step by step guide but just to know in which way i can add such user and from there i can make some studying. For example i have read from a forum that you can add such a user using rssh, or jailkit.

    Will i have to use apps such as rssh or jailkit for such users or there are other ways? In case of the need for such application, which one is the best?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. till

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    You will have to setup a jail for the user, a jail is enviroment that contains only the commands and files that the user may access. Such a jail can be created manually (which can be a quite complicated task as you have to add all dependencysof all apps as well) or you use some helper applications like jailkit to craete it.

    My recommendation is to create the jail with jailkit:
  3. tripialos

    tripialos New Member

    Thanks a lot till. Your answear was simple, accurate and complete.

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