how to add more servers on same ns

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    I have installed Virtual multi-server environment from tutorial on

    is working fine

    I plan to add 2 or 3 more servers to my existing Dedicated Server and want to use same NS1 & NS2 which I have added for my Server Set-up

    My existing Server has 6 IPS & are used as under

    Type: Node
    Hardware: Dedicated
    Hostname: root.example.tld
    Type: Container
    Hardware: Virtual
    Hostname: web.example.tld
    Type: Container
    Hardware: Virtual
    Hostname: mail.example.tld
    Type: Container
    Hardware: Virtual
    Hardware: Virtual
    Hostname: mail1.example.tld ( One extra Mail Server)
    Type: Container
    Hardware: Virtual
    Hostname: ns1.example.tld
    Type: Container
    Hardware: Virtual
    Hostname: ns2.example.tld

    my "resolv.conf" looks like as under;

    vi /etc/resolv.conf

    search example.tld
    nameserver # ns1.example.tld
    nameserver # ns2.example.tld
    nameserver # google Public DNS

    vi /etc/hosts looks as under localhost.localdomain localhost server1 ns1.example.tld ns2.example.tld

    Should I make /etc/hosts for 2nd server to work under same ns1 & ns2 as under?;

    vi /etc/hosts (Server 2 which to be added to same network) localhost.localdomain localhost server2 ns1.example.tld ns2.example.tld

    Thanks & regards,

  2. till

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    Just add the additional servers in the same way that you used to add the existing ones. You can add new servers at any time to a ispconfig master, just ensure that the hostnames of the new servers are resolvable at install time by either adding them to the hosts file of the slave and master or by adding them to the namserver that is authoritive for that zone.

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