How to add IP Addresses for website use?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jwlinux, Mar 19, 2010.

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    Short summary:

    After configuring an IP address + site in ISPconfig, the ip address is not actually "up" on the server and thus the website is not accessible - why not?

    Details follow:



    I'm trying to configure a new install of ISPConfig 3.0.2 This is a brand new install on Debian Lenny/5.0 I used the HowToForge "Perfect Install" instructions.

    I have a number of clients who need sites that will use SSL certificates so of course each site needs its own IP address.

    I have 2 separate installs on two servers - one I have tinkered with, the other is still pretty fresh.

    On the first server: I logged in and went to "System" tab > "Server IP Addresses"

    The "Server" drop down and "IP Address" box were empty.

    I clicked the button "Add new IP address"

    In the form that followed, "Server" was preset to my host system's FQDN (which is fine) - I put the address in the " IP Address" field, I think I un-checked "HTTP NameVirtualHost" because you can't use SSLs on a NBVH and then clicked save.

    When I returned to the System > "Server IP Addresses" page I see in the list my server's name and next to it the first IP I added. So I added another IP to the same "server".

    Now in the list I see the two ip addresses listed: my server's FQDN (host.mydomain.tld) listed in the first column and the two IPs listed in the second column.

    Good so far!

    So I made a reseller account and 2 client accounts.

    In another browser I logged into the first client account > Site tab > "Website" > "Add new website". The first question in the form is the IP address, which has a drop-down selection menu with * and the two IPs I added. Great! I selected the first IP, entered a domain, options, auto-subdomain of www.* , Active, Save.

    Went to my external DNS host, configured a new A record to point to that IP address - but the site doesn't pull up.

    When I check on the host Linux OS with ifconfig and "ip addr sh" those 2 additional IPs I added in ISPconfig are not actually "up" on the server.

    So what did I miss, and what am I supposed to do now? Are the IP addresses supposed to be configured in the Linux host OS system separately from ISPconfig first? Or is there something I need to do inside ISPconfig to "activate" the IP address?


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    Because you missed to configure it in your network card. It is not enough to add it just in ispconfig, you have to configure your network card too.
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    I see. So adding an IP under "Server IP Addresses" does not actually add IPs, it just makes them available to be used inside ISPConfig. That makes sense but my initial impression was that ISPConfig would actually setup the IPs.

    I think it would be very wise (especially considering the lack of ISPConfig 3x documentation) to put message of some kind right there on the IP Addresses page that says "Note: you must also add any IP addresses used to your host system before ISPConfig can use them!"



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