How to access websites in folders /var/www/clients for example to setup wordpress, etc

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  1. I have a website that is not migrated to my server yet, once is running in another host....but i would like to access the /clientxx/ it previously to configure wordpress etc....i would really change register in whois organization to point to domaincustomer.tld to my server just after redesign the website in my server and customer folder....
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    Only thing I understood is that there is a website that is to be moved to another server.
    Create a website on ISPConfig, you can name it the same as the old site or use some other name first and change the name of the website when doing the switchover.
    You can test your new website using the hosts file on your workstation:
    The Whois "organization" shows what name servers are authoritative for that domain. No need to do changes there unless you change to a new set of name servers. When your website is migrated to new server and works, change the IP number of that domain name and wait some hours for the change to propagate around the world.
  3. Thanks Taleman....
    is exactly this...i am aware about all the stuff rules regarding migrating a website from one host to another, in this case my own....but i would like to access it to import contect first....
    I would like to do not have duplicated work to add the wordpress underneath an existant domain, but in fact i would like to use the official website account and folders already added to ISPConfig Clientts/Website panels....
    I would like to acess it at my rworkstation once my ispconfig and ubuntu server is in an external datacenter accessible by internet....the question is how to have access to /var/www/clients/clientxxx/web/wp-admin once the domain in fact wasn't migrated in public DNS servers will only in fact once i've got everything ok and validated....
    Thanks in advance
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    That's exactly what @Taleman described. Edit the hosts file on your desktop, this is possible under all major operating systems (Windows, MAC and Linux).

    So the steps are:

    1) Add a new ebsite by using the final domain in ispconfig.
    2) Edit the hosts file on your desktop to access this site. The site will behave axactly as if dns has been changed already, but only you can see it, everyone else sees still the old site.
    3) When you are finished with website development and adding content, change dns to make the new site visible to everyone.
  5. The problem ispconfig do not have just one it's the reasons bcs i thought that could be using a url+path like further
    Https://ipaddress/web/client/clientxx/web for example...
    I really would like to know if there is a way to access it by this way...using host files is something that i know... i ned something more advanced...and anyway it wouldn't work as i figure out.
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    That's no problem at all, it does not matter how many websites the server has, it works the exact same way on servers with hundreds of sites. Just do what is written in the FAQ and what I explained you above and you will see that it works.

    That's actually the method that any professional web designer and coder is using to access a website in advance of changing the DNS records, so if you want to become a web professional yourself, then you should make yourself familiar with this method and use it like all other web devs do it.
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  7. Thanks... I understood...seems to be a extremely simple thing to do...that i had in doubt that it would work, once there is a long time that it is not a need from my end... But many thanks for your patience guys...
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