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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by 614cooker, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. 614cooker

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    right let me just get staight to the point i bought a HP TC4100 server last week with 2 x 1.3 pentium 3 processors with 2gb ram and 320gb hard drive. now i was going to use this at home in my living room but after reading the manual im not so sure now. Are servers safe as they produce magnetic radiation, my server has 8 x hard drives. I need to know as i dont want to put my daughter at risk as she is only 10 weeks old. it is probley a stupid question but it really needs to be anwsered before i use it.
  2. zcworld

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    if you are worried about it , than its comes down to what are u going to be using it for, and can you put in into another room where she isn;t going to be in / going to go in

    and than maybe use an diskless or an thin client to have access to the server, without the need for the server itself to be in the living room
  3. edge

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    Besides safe think about the noise.
    Server do generally make more noise than a normal PC.
    Not sure if the continues noise is a good thing for a 10 week old baby.
  4. mini14

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    As was mentioned..the noise level can be quite high on a server (and typically is!)

    I would not be concerned about R.F. or E.M. radiation as most if not all will be contained by the enclosure. I would be more concerned about the environment affecting the server than vice-versa in that regard.
  5. 614cooker

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    blimy i was not expecting such a quick reply, well suprisingly the server is quite i would say it is not much more noisy then my pc. Dont get me wrong i not a noob when it comes to computers infact it is the totally they other way. Im build and sell computers for a living it is just when it comes to servers i have no idea about them till now as i have had no use for them again untill now. so what you guys are saying is they are perfectly safe to use.

    this is the server i have

    but i have it on its side with the feet off. as i have found it a nice spot in my living room.

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